Wraparound Cases

Wraparound cases, also known by FEFCO code 0401, are of a similar format to Drop-in cases but are delivered flat, to be wrapped around your product during packing.

Wraparound Render 2

Wraparound closed

Wraparound Render 1

Wraparound open

  • Designed to be formed and sealed around your product
  • High quality, flexographic post print
  • Precise flat-bed die-cutting
  • Up to 6 colour print
  • Various varnishes (Matt, Gloss, Emulsion)
  • Printing applied in 100% coverage, spot, or reversed out
  • Wide variety of board qualities and finishes
  • Runs down automated lines, speeding up the packing process
  • Impactful branding opportunity
  • High quality and knowledgeable service
  • Access to One Stop Purchasing service
Design for Sustainability
  • 100% recyclable - corrugate fibres can be reused up to 25 times
  • Recycled content
  • FSC-certified materials
  • Using machine-erected cases can result in more precisely formed cases, therefore more efficient loading and shipping

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