E-commerce / Mailer Packs

Mailer packs for your e-commerce sales provide an opportunity to enhance your customers' interaction with your products through bespoke-designed corrugated packaging that both protects your product through the rigorous transit process and best presents it upon arrival and opening.

Outer view of open mailer pack (e-commerce)

Outer view of open mailer pack

Internal view of mailer pack box (e-commerce)

Internal view of mailer pack box

Mailer pack inserted

Mailer pack inserted

Inner and outer mailer pack

Inner and outer mailer pack

  • Bespoke solutions for your product
  • Ultra-robust designs to allow for transit through postal systems
  • Avoid the need for additional collateral by printing your message, instructions &/or brand story on the pack inside
  • Various varnishes (Matt, Gloss, Emulsion)
  • Printing applied in 100% coverage, spot, or reversed out
  • Wide variety of board qualities and finishes
  • High quality, flexographic post print: up to 6 colour print
  • Manage your customers' unboxing experience through packaging specifically designed to best present and protect your product
  • High quality and knowledgeable service
  • Access to One Stop Purchasing service
Design for Sustainability
  • 100% recyclable - corrugate fibres can be reused up to 25 times
  • Use of recycled content
  • FSC-certified materials
  • Paper based fitments: eliminate bubble wrap, foam pellets, foam fitments and vac form

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McClaren Corrugate Product Range on display in the packaging manufacturing plant

Get creative and work with us to create a custom format that's unique to your product